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Product development and website design for an online platform where legacy is captured, preserved and shared becomes a semi-finalist in an innovator’s challenge Download Case Study >

The founders of Legacyshare had an idea: they wanted to create a new software-as-a-service product that allowed individuals and families to easily record and share heritage, values and stories across generations. The challenge was creating an easy-to-use platform for the person creating content while providing a rich, engaging experience for the content consumer.

Given its extensive experience with web design and development, Legacyshare turned to AgencyAxis for online product design and custom development. AgencyAxis started with in-depth interviews of the founders to assess corporate objectives and product direction. Research was conducted around the initial target market: baby boomers.

AgencyAxis delved into user experience design, choosing to portray the product in a familiar format for baby boomers – an online book. But it was no ordinary book. 

This book would allow content creators to create stories or import photos, videos, and audio and easily “tag” them with a location, a period in time, a person or a topic. With no additional effort on the part of the content creator, these family treasures could now be consumed on an interactive map or timeline as well as read in book format. Furthermore the “tags” allowed those consuming content to drill down to a particular topic or a particular person of interest with just a click.

With the core product designed, the next step was to make the content easily shareable. AgencyAxis recommended, designed and built a full social network and messaging system right into the online platform. By the simple click of a button and the entry of an email address, a special invitation with a custom landing page shared the content with an invitee – who after sign-up on the landing page could peruse the private content, publicly comment on the content and send private emails.

In addition, a social home page provided feeds and email notifications whenever content changed to keep connections engaged and coming back. The entire platform was built in responsive design down to the iPad.

AgencyAxis then turned its attention to the design and development of a mobile app that broadened features for both those capturing legacy and those consuming it.

The Legacyshare online platform was a semi-finalist in the prestigious RootsTech Innovator Challenge, a competition to identify the next generation of mobile and social applications with the greatest impact on family connections.

“From product development to creative and implementation, AgencyAxis has been an invaluable strategic partner in the launch of our company.” Christophe

Founder, Legacyshare



AgencyAxis helps launch a startup with online product development and custom website design.


The online platform was a semi-finalist in a competition to identify the next generation of mobile and social applications.