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Careful keyword targeting and web page optimization triples organic traffic within one month.

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Standard Register, a leading supplier of integrated communications for North American enterprises, faced an SEO challenge after acquiring its competitor WorkflowOne: How would Standard Register leverage WorkflowOne’s strong SEO presence among its highly-diverse solutions?

After working with WorkflowOne the preceding two years to help build its considerable SEO presence, AgencyAxis was tasked with retaining this coveted asset.

AgencyAxis began by determining which keywords from WorkflowOne would be targeted on the Standard Register site. The next step was to identify the content from the WorkflowOne site to be transferred to the Standard

Register site to retain the SEO value. Then, after an extensive keyword research effort for 20 solution pages, AgencyAxis identified the primary, secondary and tertiary keyword target for each page. Finally, any new keywords Standard Register would like to target were selected.

Once the keywords were identified, the content necessary to support those keywords was transferred from the WorkflowOne site to the Standard Register site. The Standard Register team built out new pages to support the keywords where necessary. AgencyAxis helped Standard Register optimize each existing and new page for high ranking in the search engine algorithms.

When the time came to sunset the brand and shut down the WorkflowOne site, Standard Register implemented page-by-page redirections to the new site under AgencyAxis’ recommendation. Within the month, Standard Register’s organic traffic landing directly on the new optimized pages had tripled. The WorkflowOne SEO value was successfully transferred.

Research and optimization continued over the next year. A total of thirty-one pages were optimized. The number of keyword targets from the beginning of the effort more than doubled. Furthermore, 25% of the keyword targets at the end of the year were on Page 1 (2.5 times those on page 1 at the start of the effort) and 17% were on page 2 and moving towards Page 1.

“AgencyAxis has been instrumental in helping fill our sales funnel with a greater number of relevant prospects through their SEO work with our subject matter experts. We value their strong analytical skills, practical advice and best practice recommendations.” Sharon Williamson

Director, Content Marketing, Standard Register



Standard Register uses keyword targeting and web optimization for the search engines to fill the sales funnel.


Twenty-five percent of targeted keywords were on page 1 of Google’s search results within one year and 17% on page 2.