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Total leads up 209%, cost per lead down 51% during 15-month Cintas PPC campaign

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Campaign Goals: AgencyAxis was tasked with increasing overall lead count for the Cintas PPC campaign while maintaining a consistent cost per lead (CPL). A secondary goal was to achieve improved campaign efficiency with a specific focus on improving quality score and optimizing budget allocation to minimize campaign down time in any given month.

Challenge: The monthly budget was capping out early in the month fairly consistently, causing the campaign to go dark before the end of the month. This posed a problem with maintaining account quality, since any down time tends to negatively affect overall quality score.

Additionally, while the cost per click (CPC) was under $2.00, one campaign was dominating the budget at a high CPC of approximately $6.00. Thus, budget allocation needed to be controlled, so that additional categories could get more exposure and waste reduced.

Approach: AgencyAxis reviewed campaign performance history and settings, and began the optimization process by reducing CPA bids on the highest cost campaign, Mobile Shredding on Google. This enabled Cintas to reallocate funds to the remaining campaigns, many of which provided sustainable traffic at a much lower CPC.

Furthermore we optimized the brand campaign which drove a high number of clicks and leads at a very low CPC and CPL – this included expanding brand-related terms, optimizing ad copy and landing pages, and adding site links to the ads which improved the click through rate (CTR) by 30 – 40% in any given month. Finally, we focused on removing low value, high cost keywords and/or categories by pausing individual keywords or even entire ad groups. This enabled us to further allocate budget to the more profitable categories and eventually freed up additional funds for testing new tactics and categories.
“The services recommended by AgencyAxis are well conceived, performance-driven and efficiently executed.” Jeff Reed

E-Business Senior Marketing Manager, Cintas Corporation



Fine tuning everything from bidding to creative stretched budget dollars further and generated more leads.


During the course of the 15-month campaign total leads rose 209% while cost per lead dropped 51%.