Integrated Campaign

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Teradata builds enterprise data warehousing systems for Fortune 500 companies across the globe. With a six-figure price tag and a product that requires a cultural change touching virtually every facet of an organization, the sales process can be long and complex. Teradata chose AgencyAxis to help conquer these sales challenges through a six-month integrated marketing campaign. The campaign’s messages and offers were versioned for marketing managers and IT managers in 11 separate vertical markets and five languages.

“Are you talking to me?” was the theme AgencyAxis created to capture the value of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) opportunities for marketing managers made possible by Teradata’s enterprise data warehousing solutions. For IT managers concerned with operational efficiency, the theme became “Do you have the answers?”

Both questions imply the prospect doesn’t have the answers, or doesn’t talk to their customers because they don’t have accurate data … in other words, they don’t have Teradata. These themes were leveraged across an array of channels that included multiple touches by e-mail, direct mail, telemarketing and a continually-updated online landing page.

The campaign began with a telemarketing effort to the complete list of 1,500 companies to obtain e-mail addresses and opt-in permission. Next, a teaser postcard alerted prospects to “Listen for your mail.” One week later, a box with a sound chip arrived in the mail and spoke to prospects in the “voice” of their customers. Marketing middle managers received a verbal message from external customers asking “Are you talking to me?” IT middle managers received a verbal message from internal customers asking “Do you have the answers?”

There were two highly qualified offers with each mailing: a free third-party Gartner analysis of current operations (responders received an MP3 player or Xbox for this two-hour commitment), or a free white paper. Responders were driven to a custom website designed for the campaign to sign up for the offers. Two weeks after the talking box was mailed, an HTML e-mail went out with the same theme and offer. Both the e-mail and website had a viral e-mail component that allowed prospects to send the message to another associate as if it had come from themselves. These viral e-mails had an open rate twice that of the outbound e-mails. The e-mail blast was followed by a telemarketing effort to the entire list. Several weeks later, a follow-up e-mail was sent. The campaign concluded with a flat “last chance” mailing to harvest any final leads.
“What I value about AgencyAxis is that they are great thinkers — they provide me with lots of creative options. On top of that, they’re easy to work with. They always go that extra mile to make sure that they surpass my expectations.” Chris Rashilla

Marketing Specialist, Teradata



A unique six month multi-channel campaign including mail, web, email and telemarketing reached global Fortune 500 prospects.


25% of the target companies responded and entered the Teradata sales pipeline, plus the campaign received numerous creative awards.