Integrated Campaign

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Challenge: The Cobalt Networks division of Sun Microsystems wanted to create a hit with the introduction of their latest server appliance, the RaQ XTR. The challenge was getting the ear of
Internet Service Providers, Application Service Providers and software developers.

Approach: Cobalt Networks had the potential for a smash hit. The performance of their latest server appliance, the RaQ XTR server with multiple RAID drives and a powerful new processor, was topping the industry charts. Combining plug-and-play ease with real server power, it was the perfect application server appliance.

Getting the ear of Internet Service Providers, Application Service Providers and Developers was the next step.

Cobalt turned to AgencyAxis for an integrated marketing campaign that would get results. The theme deployed through trade publication advertising and direct mail featured a classic juke box and the headline “Rock Your App Off” to communicate the power of the RaQ XTR application server appliance. To drive response from a pre-qualified list of 17,649 prospects, AgencyAxis developed a high-impact direct mail package introducing a sweepstakes with a prize perfectly suited to the theme: a full-sized classic jukebox.

The outside of each mailing box promised an opportunity to win a classic jukebox CD player. It was also personalized with a label that included a “Special Song Number” and directions to see inside for details. 

Inside, the recipient found a die-cut dimensional “jukebox” and a letter. The letter asked the question: “Want to rock your app off?” It then outlined the RaQ XTR’s capabilities and directed recipients to a special URL to enter their “Special Song Number” for a chance to win a full-sized classic jukebox CD player and other instant prizes. When visitors arrived at the campaign website created and hosted by AgencyAxis, they entered their “Special Song Number” and were guided through a brief RaQ XTR sales presentation. For a bit of extra sizzle after the promotional message, visitors were presented with a virtual “scratch-off” for a chance to win two instant prizes: a T-shirt and an MP3 player. Visitors then registered for the sweepstakes to win the full-sized jukebox.

“AgencyAxis is creative, full-service, flexible, accommodating, and cost-effective. We have created several effective, award-winning campaigns together—and it has been a pleasure to work with them.” Sara Dornsife

Sr. Marketing Manager, Sun Microsystems



A sweepstakes promoted through direct mail, publication ads and a unique interactive Web landing page helped spread the word on a new Sun product.


The program rocked a 10.8% response rate. In all, nearly two thousand recipients visited the site, viewed the sales presentation and registered for the drawing.