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High-impact channel marketing reaches 26% more end-users

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NetScaler® — a Silicon Valley start-up — had a superior networking product that was competitively priced. In comparison to competitors, few buyers were aware of NetScaler or their network traffic management equipment. Plus, as a start-up, NetScaler’s marketing budget was limited. NetScaler needed a marketing strategy that would maximize the impact of every dollar they spent — both in terms of branding themselves and their product, and in making sales.

To maximize economies of scale, direct sales efforts were combined with channel marketing initiatives. AgencyAxis investigated the potential of e-mail marketing due to its low cost. However, the quality of available opt-in e-mail lists for NetScaler’s target market wasn’t satisfactory. So AgencyAxis recommended that NetScaler approach both markets via direct mail.

AgencyAxis’ creative department was given the mission of designing a mailing that could be used by both NetScaler and its channel partners. The dual-purpose piece also had to promote NetScaler’s branding as well as sell products. And the mailers had to be designed for production at the lowest possible cost per piece. Lower per-piece costs meant that NetScaler could reach more prospects with their limited budget.

AgencyAxis created self-mailers that could be easily customized. The master mailers, used in NetScaler’s own direct marketing efforts, outlined all of NetScaler’s product benefits and included NetScaler logos and calls to action. With an inexpensive change in just one color plate, these same mailers could be printed with the branding and call to action of NetScaler’s channel partners.

Centralized production facilities enabled AgencyAxis to gang-print all versions of the self-mailers at once — at a tremendous savings to NetScaler.

NetScaler’s channel partners were able to participate in the program for a minimal investment. Partners paid only for personalization, mailing expenses and any list preparation. To help NetScaler cultivate relationships with their channel partners, AgencyAxis provided production assistance to the partners as they needed it. Some partners were able to do their own imprinting and mailing, while others needed more extensive help, such as list research and purchasing.

“Service, professionalism, quality of work, focus on results…AgencyAxis gets high marks on everything, in my opinion.” Jayna Nakashima

Marketing Communications Manager, NetScaler



A modest investment in direct mail administered through channel partners exponentially increased brand awareness.


NetScaler reached 26% more end-users over previous campaigns and built brand loyalty with channel partners.